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Polycom HDX 7000 Video Conferencing System

 Polycom HDX 7000 Series:
Oganizations that place importance on having beneficial meetings and communications that allow their team members to make educated and informed decisions. Flexible, cost-effective, high quality communications, HD voice, HD video and HD content for exceptional performance.  Perfect solution for a small to medium-sized environment

Features & Benefits:

  • High-definition video conferencing.
  • High-definition voice
  • High-definition content sharing
  • Optional Interfaces, ISDN BRI, PRI or V.35 Networks

Aethra Vega X5 Videoconferencing System

Aethra Vega X5 is a high-performance system, ideals for medium and large-sized videoconferencing sessions that require enhanced audio and video quality. Aethra Vega X5 is integrated with Multipoint Conferencing Unit connecting upto 8 sites in mixed mode (ISDN and IP).


  • Easy to Configure.
  • Quality, Design, Innovation.
  • Enhances Collaboration.
  • Supports multiple connectivity.
  • Customizable Graphic User Interface

Sony IPELA Videoconferencing System (PCS-G50P)

Sony PCS-G50P supports latest coding standards for smoother, more natural video images, the Sony PCS-G50P delivers television quality pictures and crystal-clear wideband audio in P2P and P2MP calls, Its also designed as a smarter, more secure conferencing solution, allowing you to set up calls accross any mix of IPP, ISDN, DSL and Mobile / Telephone connections.


  • High-Quality Video.
  • Multi-Point Videoconferencing upto 10 sites.
  • Quality of Service.
  • Secure Videoconferencing.
  • Data-Sharing Capabilites

Sony IPELA Videoconferencing System (PCS-1P)

Sony PCS-1P is elegantly designed and small enough to fit on your desk, at home in meeting rooms of any size. Quick and easy to set up, the Sony PCS-1P plugs into your standard office network, ISDN network or connects to the Internet to deliver all the advantages of audio, video and data conferencing without requiring special cabling or difficult configuration.


  • Share your Ideas Easily.
  • Excellent Video Quality.
  • Outstanding Audio Quality.
  • Ensuring Quality on your Network.
  • Scalable, Fexible Design.
  • Security.

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